Tuesday, 11 December 2007


So it was finally time for me and Jeppe ( fellow student from denmark) to do our border run...and what better place to do that than Cambodia!? We got on a weekend trip to see Ankor wat, get a stamp in our passport and then meet monday morning ready for work! Its a full day of transportation to get there and one more to go back...so we had one day of tempel touring, wich ofcourse is not a lot since there are dusins and then some tempels in that area with ankor wat being the biggest! we saw 5 or 6 tempels that day and even had a little power left to go to a local cambodian discotec!! ohh and the roads in cambodia only classifies as a "road" because of thats where the traffic drives on...its more like the bumpiest hell hole for 5 or 6 hours and we even had a flat tire and a oil change on the way!! the sites are amazing though and its well worth the trip of horror!!

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